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With Wild Woman Monthly membership, you receive my signature Keto Like This eating plan plus ongoing support for your healthy eating journey including:

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🏵️Deep dives into the science behind creating health

A brief list of upcoming topics include:

💠 Secondary gains and competing values

💠 Worthiness and believing that health is your birthright

💠 Understanding and neutralizing Eating Triggers

💠 Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and BS Stories

💠 Emotional eating SOS

💠 Empowering your inner rebel (so she stops urging you to break all the rules)

💠 The anatomy of a craving and how to stop acting on them

💠 Taming the inner critic

💠 Re-calibrating after a binge

💠 Transforming guilt and shame so they stop driving you to eat

💠Balancing your chakras to overcome health challenges

💠Energy Mapping (overcoming disempowering repetitive thoughts)

💠Designing your own self-sabotage solution

💠 Exactly how to wire new habits

💠And much much more!

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