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without having to starve,
exercise like a maniac, or rely on willpower.

EVEN IF you have tried everything,
struggled for years to lose weight,
feel like your body is broken,
or think it might be hopeless!

The KetoLikeThis 8 week live Slimdown is one payment of $297 or two payments of $175 You’ll receive immediate and lifetime access to the KetoLikeThis Slimdown materials. Ongoing support is just $27 a month can be canceled at any time.

You’ve just discovered the MOST EFFECTIVE APPROACH to 


You will learn that your beautiful body works just fine.
That your body is capable of dropping up to a half a pound a day of fat, bloat, & toxins. And that it’s possible to feel absolutely amazing no matter your age.

It’s time to…
Stop hating your body,
Stop the obsession with food and dieting and all the craziness that surrounds it,
Ditch those fat pants for good,
And get off of the pig out all weekend because I’m starting again on Monday roller coaster of freaking insanity!



You’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start


You’ve tried the keto diet and it didn’t work for you


You wonder if your body is broken or works ‘differently


You want to lose it as fast as you gained it


You have tried ‘everything’ and wonder if it’s hopeless


You’re at the end of your rope and want to get off the diet roller coaster of insanity


You don’t know how or don’t like to cook


You’ve gained and lost the same damn 30 lbs 30 times in the past 30 years

Hello friend, I’m Michelle Rankin, the Curvy Keto Coach.

I help women over 40 shed up to a pound a day of fat, bloat, and toxins and overcome stress eating and self-sabotage to keep it off for good.

I’m a wife, an adoptive mama, a mad lover of coffee, a terrible housekeeper, an avid traveler, a cancer survivor, and a huge fan of putting my hands in the dirt and my toes in the sand.

I’m a mad scientist when it comes to hormone balance and leveraging the power of the subconscious mind.

Combining ancient wisdom and modern science, I’ve developed the Diet Freedom Matrix, the Keto Bio Blueprint and the Keto Like This Fat Loss Formula. I’ve helped hundreds of women get off the rollercoaster of diet insanity for good.

My #1 pet peeve is weight loss advice being doled out by those who have never struggled themselves.

I spent years struggling (and gaining weight) trying to figure out how to apply a low carb high-fat lifestyle to my busy life.

I was frustrated, lost, hopeless, and completely confused as to why my metabolism seemed more broken than everyone else’s.

I was always on the sideline, waiting for the day I would start living – you know… the day you feel comfortable in your own skin.

I was preoccupied with dieting instead of my life – which was literally passing me by.

The year I turned 40, I stumbled upon the keys to finally losing weight for good. It all happened quite by accident so now I feel blessed to be a blessing helping others.

Not one to keep anything to myself… I have made it my mission to teach my unique approach to a low carb diet, to help women lose the weight (quickly), keep it off (for reals), and gain the confidence to rock their life (start dreaming love!).


The KetoLikeThis Slimdown is a roadmap, a step by step system with live support to help you lose weight quickly and learn to keep it off for good.

By the end of the first week, you’ll know that you’ve finally found the ‘lose it fast’ holy grail you’ve been looking for.

By the end of week six, you’ll know you’ve found the plan you can stick to for life.

Imagine how it will feel to have peace of mind knowing that your weight loss struggle is over…That you’ve found a healthy way to lose weight quickly without starving, wanting to kill someone, or depriving yourself of delicious real food.

If you’re like me, you’ve tried a hundred programs. You’re completely frustrated, more than confused, and likely want to strangle someone with your fat pants.

I get you, I really do. And that’s why I’m so passionate to share what I’ve learned about what it really takes to lose the weight and keep it off.

The truth of the matter is that we all know that if it was as easy as just changing our food, we’d all be shopping online for a bikini, not another diet plan.

And THIS love, is where my plan differs from every single other plan on the planet and what makes it so incredibly effective.

This program starts with the KetoLikeThis eating plan. I literally hand you the most effective diet on the planet and 40 recipes to take the guesswork out of meal planning. You will drop weight faster than you ever thought possible!

Once we get your hormones, blood sugar, and neurotransmitters humming along with the diet like the cool, calm, collected orchestra conductors they are designed to be, then the real fun actually begins.

We utilize the clear thinking that the KetoLikeThis eating plan provides and then we use very simple yet highly effective tools to uncover, dissolve, and REPROGRAM all the BS stories and limiting beliefs that lurk just below the surface… ready to pounce just when we think we have it all figured out.

These underlying subconscious weight loss blocking beliefs cause inexplicable cravings, food addiction, self sabotage, and emotional eating, just to name a few.

These little buggers are pervasive as heck so we get your mind and body healing with the diet then work together to eliminate those crazy weight loss blockers once and for all! And that my dear is what sets this program aside from anything else on the market AND what sets you up for lasting success!

I know…. It’s not nearly as exciting as me promising you that all you have to do is set yourself some guidelines, follow some rules, eat this, not that, stand on your head while eating, or whatever the magazine cover diet idea is and you’ll lose a pound a day and you’ll fit into your skinny jeans forever…… My dear, I know you’ve already tried all those approaches…. isn’t it time to get real and get this struggle over with once and for all?

Holidays and stress and life happen and you and I both know that if you embark on another ‘diet’ without working through the stress eating aspect of your weight problem, no matter how effective the eating plan; you’ll need to keep those fat pants tucked in the back of your closet because you’ll be right back in them six months from now.

Let’s get in and get it over with and within a month, you’ll know that you can actually get rid of those fat pants for good!

In designing the KetoLikeThis program, I’ve taken the most healing diet on the planet and I’ve optimized it for rapid weight loss for women of all ages, even women over 50 who think their hormones make losing weight hopeless.

You will drop the weight and feel great without being hungry, needing to join a gym, or wanting to kill someone while the pounds fall off.

My Own Results Applying the KetoLikeThis Fat Loss Formula

I’ve been there, I get you and that’s why I’M SO PASSIONATE TO SHARE WHAT I HAVE LEARNED.

I was tired, confused, overwhelmed, scared, mad, and had tried EVERYTHING.

The ONLY reason I have the picture on the left is because that’s the courtroom picture on the day of my precious daughter’s adoption.

I couldn’t simply delete it like I’d done with a thousand other pictures and go back to putting my head in the sand…

I had to find a SOLUTION. For the sake of my children, I refused to give up until I did. When I discovered the keys to lasting weight loss success, I knew I had to help others end the painful struggle of living a life on pause in an overweight body.

A few ways the KetoLikeThis Slimdown Will Change Your Life


You’ll NEVER AGAIN WONDER what the perfect diet might be.


​Actions speak louder than words and YOU’LL SET AN EXAMPLE for your kids and grandkids showing them what it looks like to make health a priority taking care of yourself.


​ People will mistake YOU for A NATURALLY SLIM PERSON and won’t believe you when you tell them you understand their struggle (so be sure to take a before picture for proof)!


You’ll WAKE UP WITH ENERGY TO BURN and find yourself increasing your activity level for fun (don’t worry, your joints quit hurting the first week in)!


​You’ll actually get to purge that closet that you’ve been talking about cleaning for years and you will GIVE THOSE FAT PANTS AWAY and know you’ll never need them again!


​​You’ll start CHECKING THINGS OFF YOUR BUCKET LIST as you realize how many ways your weight was holding you back.

The KetoLikeThis 8 week live Slimdown is one payment of $297 or two payments of $175. You’ll receive lifetime access to the KetoLikeThis Slimdown materials. Ongoing support is just $27 a month, is completely optional, and can be canceled at any time.

This program is not

Your mama’s Atkins diet

A militant or dogmatic approach, no shaming allowed

A program like any other on the planet (even other keto plans)

A plan requiring insane measuring and tracking

Confusing for the sake of being confusing

Impossible to eat out for fear you’ll go off the rails

Hard to follow with tons of rules

This program is not

A unique approach to a ketogenic diet optimized specifically for rapid weight loss by detoxifying the fat cell, calming hunger hormones, and re-setting your metabolism

A simple and easy to follow plan with tons of support

A plan you can enjoy for the rest of your beautiful long life

A plan you can enjoy for the rest of your beautiful long life

This program is not

To know you’ve finally found the answer that you’ve spent a lifetime looking for

Fast, effortless, and super healthy weight loss – we actually restore your body to health. Up to half a pound a day weight loss is your prize for giving your body exactly what it needs to thrive

A healthy lifestyle you’ll be proud to be living


KetoLike This is easy to understand, step-by-step program optimized for rapid results.
You’ll receive lifetime access to the following program materials:


We begin by laying the groundwork to set you up for success. You’ll learn how to engage your family for support, how to determine your own healthy right weight, and how to track your success. You’ll meet our community and feel empowered, excited, and ready to go!


Over the course of the first two weeks, we transition your body from burning carbs for energy to burning fat for energy. I line out exactly what to eat meal by meal to optimize this gentle transition into nutritional ketosis. All you have to do is follow along.

You’ll be amazed that you’re already dropping weight without feeling hungry! That’s how we know we’re balancing the first crucial hormone for lasting fat loss – leptin. Here we also begin the process of supporting the body in detoxifying the fat cell.


You’ll transition from the Jumpstart into the KetoLikeThis Lifestyle eating guidelines while we optimize your diet to burn not just dietary fat but your own body fat for energy.

To simplify meal planning, I give you 50 simple and tasty family-approved recipes, options for eating out and on the go, mix and match 4 ingredient or less meal plans, and make ahead and freeze meals. Just thaw and bake for those busy weeknights!

Of course, results vary but most women following KetoLikeThis consistently lose about a half a pound a day (week after week) as they support the body in returning to it’s natural state of optimal health by eating the way we were designed to eat.

You’ll learn the most common mistakes people make in applying a ketogenic diet for weight loss and you’ll learn the science behind why my dietary approach works so much better than anything else out there!


The KetoLikeThis 8 week live Slimdown is one payment of $297 or two payments of $175. You’ll receive lifetime access to the KetoLikeThis Slimdown materials. Ongoing support is just $27 a month, is completely optional, and can be canceled at any time.

Not only is KetoLikeThis weight loss crazy fast, it’s consistent over time!



This is a ketogenic plan which simply means that we will gently transition your body from burning carbs (think kindling) to burning YOUR OWN FAT (think rocket fuel) for energy.

Benefits of a low carb diet in general include clear thinking, less inflammation and pain, flatter stomach, weight loss, reduced hunger, blood sugar balance, lower risk for heart disease, and (the reason I first became interested) reduced risk for certain types of cancer.

But this isn’t just any low carb diet. In addition to all the normal benefits of a low carb diet, the Cavegirl Slimdown is specifically optimized for rapid weight loss.

Four of the reasons you’re struggling are toxins in the fat cell, inflammation, leptin resistance, and estrogen imbalance – in addition to being properly designed for fat loss (most ketogenic plans follow an outdated model that was designed to be weight sparing!) we take care of these four challenges unique to women over age 45.


The simple answer is delicious meats and veggies. A slightly longer answer is that the proportions of each change as you progress through the program to keep your metabolism revved and weight loss constant at with a goal of a half a pound a day until you reach your healthy goal weight.

As a bonus, I’m providing you with over 40, easy to make, fast to prepare recipes so that you don’t have to live in your kitchen and then I teach you how to modify nearly any recipe to support your weight loss journey.



My response to this is….. says who? The guru who’s program doesn’t work any more quickly than that?
Or the guru that has never struggled with weight themselves?

Who on God’s green earth wants slow and painful weightloss?

How about we get it over with and get on with living our lives?

There is no scientific reason that weightloss should be painfully slow. In fact, losing weight FAST is so motivating that you’re way more likely to keep with the plan.


Step #1: Click the bright red Reserve my Spot button and register.

Step #2: Check your email for a welcome messaage with your log in details and a link to our Facebook group.

Step #3: Invite a friend to join you by sharing this page with them because everything is always more fun with friends and pairing up is more likely to result in both of you experiencing even more success!

You’ll receive immediate access to modules one and two which include everything you need to get started including your full meal plan, access to our private, super supportive, entirely positive, make you feel like you can rule the world Facebook group, as well as simple groundwork to help you set the stage for success!


The KetoLikeThis 8 week live Slimdown is one payment of $297 or two payments of $175. You’ll receive lifetime access to the KetoLikeThis Slimdown materials. Ongoing support is just $27 a month, is completely optional, and can be canceled at any time.


I’m Tina and I began my this journey on January 1st after hitting an all-time high weight of 278!

It was time to uncover and FREE myself from the prison that was creating a barrier to all of the things I wanted to do in life.

On my last airplane ride, I could barely click the seatbelt, and the tray table couldn’t be down in front of me because my belly was “out there.”

I began with FEAR but I believed in both of my sisters-in-law who have had amazing results with this program, so I borrowed their belief.

I’m now closing in on 50 pounds lost. This has become more than a diet. It’s a lifestyle change.

I don’t crave junk anymore. I crave healthy stuff and like it! I eat veggies every day and now my chronic allergy cough is nearly gone.

There are so many unexpected perks beyond weight loss. This journey is so worth it!

“I started Michelle’s program in October 2016. I couldn’t get my diabetes under control and I wanted to be around and healthy for my beautiful grandchildren.

I’d been fighting this weight for over 25 years, so I really didn’t think this would work for me.

“As scared as I was to make that change, it’s something I knew I needed to do because I did not like the person I was seeing in the mirror.

I have been so much happier with myself, less moody, and this definitely has helped my relationship, because my body and weight aren’t always on my mind, and putting me in a bad mood.

“The group provided me with support, extra motivation, and most of all, it held me accountable. I really appreciate the way we were able to share meal ideas, delight in others’ weight loss, and encourage newcomers along their journey.

I have lost 47 pounds in less than 7 months. I still have more to go; however, I know that I can do it and do it in a healthy way.

The first photo was taken on Easter (April 21st) at 202lbs. I was trying in earnest to follow keto as it’s taught in the big facebook groups.

I thought I was doing everything right but after 2 months I had only lost 11 pounds.

Ever since I was in 7th grade I would spend a year losing weight and then gradually gain it back. After a few more years came another one and the process started over. Some of those year long ventures included Weight Watchers, a doctor’s diet with pills, Diet Workshop, Nutrisystem, the Cambridge liquid diet, the low fat diet, and the HCG diet. There were also spurts of more unsuccessful diets such as the Zone diet, the Atkins diet, the South Beach diet and more. I also had unsuccessfully tried the ketogenic/bulletproof diet more recently but I lost some weight and then stopped when I couldn’t get into ketosis. As you can imagine I had given up hope. Then my chiropractor warned I would never walk without low back pain if I didn’t lose weight. I found this program last June, and saw it had some important changes to the keto diet I had been following. Yes it meant giving up even some low carb treats but I finally got into ketosis. I started losing about 10 pounds a month, and have now lost 86 pounds! I am at a weight I haven’t reached since the 1980s! My lower back pain is almost gone too and I’m feeling so much better. All the small clothes in my closet now fit and I’ve had to buy some new ones. I still would like to lose 50 more pounds, and I guess I’ll just keep going! Why I’ve finally found this at 61 years old is beyond me. But I want to encourage people to give it a try. If you follow it, it works! I’m just thankful to Michelle for putting it together and promising to help me maintain once I get there!

“I officially started eating low carb on January 31st 2017. I was feeling great cutting out grains, but I needed some guidance.

I started seeing Michelle’s program’s results and I messaged her and told her that I wanted in on this!!!! She invited me in on this last round and I couldn’t be happier about where I am today.

I started at 210 and I am down to 176, with just 10 lbs. to go to my goal!!!!

This lifestyle change does work, and if you have a slip up that’s okay, just get back on track!!!

I feel that half of the battle is mindset. Once that gets right, all of the rest will fall into place!!”

“I started this journey on January 1, 2017 after seeing a few pictures of me during summer, and worse, the holidays.

I was at my absolute heaviest. I couldn’t bear seeing photos of myself. In fact, I couldn’t even find a before picture because I deleted them all. I had to look on my husband’s phone to find this one.

I simply needed to just give this a shot and see what would happen. Here I am today, down 73lbs in 7 months!

I feel amazing. My goal was always 160 lbs., which I have now blown by!

I am down 4 pant sizes, 2 shirt sizes, and I’m absolutely loving life!

I am so excited to keep going with this lifestyle change and to help others succeed along the way!! “

My name is Tiffany and 9 months into the program,
I am 80 pounds lighter and so much happier with myself.

I have more energy and desire to do things. I actually went to the park and got on the swings with my son, and I am now able to run around with him and play soccer.

My biggest challenge was myself. I tried really hard to make this more complicated than it is! I am super busy and sometimes “regular” meals at my house are whatever you can grab and run.

With just a wee bit of planning, I am still able to keep up with my busy schedule and follow the plan.
I can truly say that this is the real deal. It works. It is a lifestyle, not a diet!

I have never felt healthier or more in control of my life than I do now!

The KetoLikeThis 8 week live Slimdown is one payment of $297 or two payments of $175. You’ll receive lifetime access to the KetoLikeThis Slimdown materials. Ongoing support is just $27 a month, is completely optional, and can be canceled at any time.


The KetoLikeThis 8 week live Slimdown is one payment of $297 or two payments of $175. You’ll receive lifetime access to the KetoLikeThis Slimdown materials. Ongoing support is just $27 a month, is completely optional, and can be canceled at any time.
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