Wild Woman Affiliate Program

Hi love, thank you for your interest in becoming an affiliate of the Wild Woman Membership!

Being an affiliate is an easy way to earn some extra spending money. Just share with others why you love the Wild Woman program. It’s that simple.


You will have a special link to connect your prospective Wild Woman to you. When someone uses your unique link to sign up, you will earn a commission.

I just need to make sure you’re on board with a few non-negotiables before you apply.

Here’s how this works:

  • You must be an active paid member in the membership. It doesn’t make sense to promote a program that you’re not a part of. 
  • An honest testimonial that I can use in marketing is required to apply for the affiliate program. This serves a number of purposes but mostly so I can make sure that you have actively followed this program and can represent it well.
  • You must agree not to ever send your affiliate link across Facebook messenger or post it anywhere on Facebook. This one is ground for immediate termination of your affiliate status. You may send it over email or text but never over Facebook. I just want to make sure you agree to this before applying.
  • Many mlm distributors utilize this program as the missing link to help their customers reach their weight loss goals. I would have LOVED to have an affordable program like this when I was an It Works leader.

    I’ve chosen the supplements that I suggest very carefully after testing them on over 500 program participants. My goal is to keep costs as low as I can for program participants and each product I’ve chosen serves a very important metabolic purpose in helping clients achieve their weight loss goals

  • Please let me evaluate the products that you think would meet my criteria as substitutes for Greens, Reds, Oxylent, and Keto 1000 before suggesting them as approved supplements. They must be very similar in price and ingredients and I look really closely at additives and fillers. 

  • An example of how you can describe this is: Michelle’s program has been the dietary piece I needed (insert your story). She is not affiliated with (my company) but her program works insanely well for me. She suggests a few supplements to assist with detoxification and the (company’s) products that meet her criteria are x, y, z. 

Alright, enough of the hard-nosed rules!

We also have a lot of fun and you get to peek into the inner workings of the marketing side of a business like this (which I paid over 50K to learn). You’ll get to be the first to know when I’m launching this product and I’ll do absolutely everything I can to help you succeed! I built a six-figure network marketing business in under 18 months so I know a thing or two about how to help you, help me market this. 

I also spoil the heck out of my affiliates by paying more than double the industry standard without raising my prices to compensate! This is a true partnership between you and I. I trust you to protect my brand and follow all of my affiliate rules and you can trust me to treat your referrals like family and to compensate you nicely for promoting my program. 

If you’re cool with all of the above, I invite you to apply to become an affiliate by filling in the information on the next page. Once I receive your application, you’ll be invited to view a mandatory zoom training and your new affiliate business will be up and running!


By clicking below to enroll, you agree to the rules listed above.